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The dedication

These pages are a presentation of the minuteness work that my mother is doing with passion for years. Now, when she is retired (from a constructions company where she worked as engineer) she is sewing from morning till evening with an incredible devotion and energy, so these pages are dedicated to her,


Short introduction

All the gobelins from this galley are hand sewed, many of them have been made either after a known painting or after an icon. To emphasize what these gobelins really are made of, and I mean work and passion, I'd like to mention that almost all the gobelins needed many weeks of work and in many cases the gobelin was partially or totally remade to assort better the colours.

The gobelins are great, and if you don't believe me just look at them :)

I associated the gobelins on different themes ; these are the categories:

At the time when they were sewed the gobelins weren't for sale, but now they are, so mail me if you liked one.

My name is Gabriel Cernat; at the mail address below you can ask for details, and you will receive a mail from my real address. I can't just put it direct here because of spam. If you want to command a gobelin, you must know that you will pay the most significant part of the price ( aprox. 90% of gobelin price) when you receive the gobelin. (The price is 1$ USA /cm2)

Here is my contact mail address

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The images of the gobelins were obtained by scanning, so some of them have some disturbing visual effects like waves (probably because I didn't fit right the gobelin in the scanner)

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